Issue - meetings

Updates on Panels

Meeting: 03/11/2021 - Overview and Scrutiny Committee (Item 297)

Updates on Panels

Lead Members to update the Committee on the progress of their Panels (10 minutes)


Budget Panel – The next meeting of the Budget Panel will be held early 2022.


Audit Panel – The next meeting of the Audit Panel is on 22 November 2021.


Review of Outside Bodies – The Member Community and Community Group had made some suggestions and Councillor C Dowden will meet with the Democratic Services Manager to take this forward.


Process for the selection of Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Committee – This will be reported back to the Committee in December.


Enforcement Panel – The Panel will meet on 8 November to look at the performance of the planning enforcement function.


Communications Panel – The Panel will next meet on 11 November to continue the discussion on members/officer communication, Members’ area of the website and Member’s bulletin, internal communications, website visioning and planning for a focus group.


S106/CIL Panel – Deferred until early 2022, Councillor Hamilton is still looking for members.


Climate and Ecology Emergency Bill Panel – The Panel met on 3 November and a plan for the review has been compiled.