Agenda item

Notice of Motion - Rule 12

To consider motions proposed by Councillor Coole.


Motion 1

Council considered the following motion moved by Councillor Coole and seconded by Councillor Meyer.

That in accordance with the amended Constitution adopted in April 2019, the Council:

Instructs the Section 151 Officer to effect the retrospective payment of the SRA allowance due to the Minority Opposition Group Leader since May 2019 and in accordance with Council Resolutions passed since January 2019 and the amended Constitution adopted in April 2019.

Upon being put to the vote the motion was lost

Motion 2

Council considered the following motion moved by Councillor Coole and seconded by Councillor Meyer

In response to the UK Government's commitment to the British National (Overseas) residents of Hong Kong, Council Resolves to:

Write to the Secretaries of State for the Home Office and the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, informing them that Test Valley Borough Council both invites and welcomes Hong Kong British National (Overseas) residents who wish to take up residency in Test Valley and contribute towards its multicultural and economic development.

Promote and support the multicultural and economic opportunities this immigration will bring to Test Valley.

The UK Government has recognised the political and security turmoil in the former British Colony of Hong Kong, following the Chinese imposition of its national security legislation, which constitutes a clear breach of the 1984 Sino-British Joint Declaration, undermining the “one country, two systems” framework. The UK Government has responded with its "path to citizenship" initiative, which is open to more than five million Hong Kong residents. Anyone holding a British National (Overseas) Visa and their dependents, have the right to move to the Britain and eventually apply for permanent residency.’

The Housing and Communities Portfolio Holder responded that TVBC is, and always has been, a welcoming area for people hailing from all backgrounds.  It has a good track record of supporting initiatives such as the Syrian Vulnerable Persons Resettlement Scheme, working in partnership with the County Council and other agencies, in order to meet the housing and support needs of people arriving from refugee camps under the scheme.


We have recently received a letter from the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government setting out that the MHCLG will now lead on work across government to support people coming to the UK from Hong Kong, where they have British Nationals Overseas status, to settle into their new lives and communities in the UK.


TVBC will work with Hampshire County Council and colleagues across the county to play our ongoing part in the welcoming and supporting of migrants and refugees to the UK as may be appropriate, and we know that MHCLG plans to set out further information with regard to the arrival of residents of Hong Kong in the coming weeks.

Therefore, at this stage, it doesn’t seem necessary for TVBC to undertake to write such a letter and our track record already speaks for itself.


Upon being put to the vote the motion was lost


Under Rule 17.5 and in accordance with Schedule 2 of the Local Authorities (Standing Orders) Regulations 1993, Councillor Coole requested that it be recorded that he voted for the motion.


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