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SITE: Little Beeches, Braishfield Road, Crookhill, SO51 0QB, BRAISHFIELD

CASE OFFICER: Ms Katie Andrew













Talisman Homes (West) Ltd



Little Beeches, Braishfield Road, Crookhill, SO51 0QB, BRAISHFIELD



Erection of two detached dwellings with detached garages



16th February 2021 – nitrate neutrality information received




9th March 2021 – amended plans received –

  • D-500 C  aerial view from north west
  • D-370 B amended elevations garage
  • MPN LBB2A – landscaping details
  • 130.0002.001 A vehicle tracking diagram




16th January 2020 – additional plan received

D-507 – view from road at north boundary




8th January 2020 – amended plan received

D-111 J - amended proposed site plan 




25th November 2019 - amended plans received

191119-LB-TPP-REV D-NB&AM D – amended tree protection plan

191119-LB-TSP-REV B-NB&AM B  - amended tree survey schedule




Katie Andrew




REFUSED for the reasons:




The proposed development would by virtue of the siting of the two dwellings to the rear of existing dwellings fronting Braishfield Road, and the views that are afforded both from Braishfeld Road and the John Bevan Way (footway on the eastern side of the road), would provide for development in depth to this predominantly frontage enclave of dwellings in the dispersed settlement of Braishfield. Consequently the proposal would be harmful to the character and appearance of the area contrary to Policy E1 of the Test Valley Borough Revised Local Plan (2016), and recommendation 17 of the Braishfield Village Design Statement (2002).

It is acknowledged by the Council that No’s 1 and 2 Sandpitt Bungalows to the south of the application site are also set in depth to the road, although the extent to which these properties are visible is very constrained by vegetative screening. This limits the extent to which development in the area is experienced in depth, and therefore has minimal effect on the character and appearance of the area. Unlike the application proposal.

It is also acknowledged that the proposed development would give rise to benefits such as making a contribution to the Borough’s Housing land Supply and some minor benefits to economic factors during construction. However these are not of such a weight to override the adverse effect on the character and appearance of the area detailed above.




The proposed development by means of its nature, location and scale could have likely significant effects upon the nearby Solent and Southampton Water European Designated Site which is designated for its conservation importance. In the absence of a completed legal agreement securing the proposed off site mitigation, the applicant has failed to satisfy the Council that the proposal would not adversely affect the special interest of the Solent and Southampton Water European Designated Site, therefore the application is contrary to Policies COM2 and E5 of the adopted Test Valley Borough Revised Local Plan (2016) and the Conservation of Habitats and Species Regulations 2017 (as amended).




The proposed development would, by virtue of the new vehicular access road running between the existing property at Little Beeches and Oakdene, result in an adverse effect on the living conditions of both properties. This is with specific reference to the number and frequency of vehicle movements passing in close proximity to ground floor habitable rooms and the noise generated by that activity. In addition, the provision of a communal car parking area in close proximity to the first floor master bedroom window of The Cottage, would also result in a significant, and deleterious effect on the levels of noise and disturbance to occupants of that property. The proposal is contrary to Policy LHW4 of the Test Valley Borough Local Plan (2016).



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