Agenda item

21/01959/FULLS - 30.06.2021


SITE: Houghton Allotments, Houghton, HOUGHTON

CASE OFFICER: Miss Sarah Barter













Trustees of the Captain Busk Grandchildren Settlement



Houghton Allotments, Houghton, HOUGHTON



Erection of 4 dwellings with parking, landscaping and access, retaining part of existing allotments






Sarah Barter



REFUSE for the following reasons (updated reason 1 to include correct NPPF paragraph and updated wording in last sentence)



The proposed development results in the direct loss of an established, and well used allotment site that is meeting, and would continue to meet, local demand for this community resource. The loss of an established allotment site within the settlement results in the unacceptable loss of allotments to serve the needs of the community to the detriment of their health, welfare and leisure needs, contrary to Policy LHW1(f) of the Test Valley Borough Revised Local Plan (2016) and Paragraph 99 of the National planning Policy Framework. In reaching this conclusion the Council recognises the social, environmental and economic benefits that might otherwise arise from the proposal, including the delivery of  open market housing requirements in the Borough, but these factors are not sufficient to outweigh this principle issue.



The application fails to demonstrate that the layout, access and highway network is safe, functional and accessible for all users and that the development does not have an adverse impact on the function, safety and character of and accessibility to the local highway network. The development is contrary to policy T1 of the Revised Borough local Plan.



Inadequate survey and mitigation information has been submitted in order for the local planning authority to conclude that the proposed development would not have an adverse impact on protected species. The proposed development is therefore considered contrary to Policy E5 and Policy COM2 of the Test Valley Borough Revised Local Plan (2016) and the Conservation of Habitats and Species Regulations 2017 (as amended).



In the absence of a legal agreement to secure and monitor the proposed mitigation measures enabling the achievement of nitrate neutrality, the proposed development by means of it nature, location and scale could have likely significant effects upon the nearby Solent and Southampton Water European Designated Site which is designated for its conservation importance. Consequently, the application has failed to satisfy the Council that the proposal would not adversely affect the special interest of the Solent and Southampton Water European Designated Site, therefore the application is contrary to Policies COM2 and E5 of the adopted Test Valley Borough Revised Local Plan (2016) and the Conservation of Habitats and Species Regulations 2017 (as amended).

Note to applicant:



The Committee considered that the weight afforded to the unjustified loss of allotments and the significant level of local representation made both in advance- and during-Committee, about the adverse effect on local allotment provisions and the effect on the health, social and wider amenity benefit associated with their loss on the community (with no suitable alternative provided) should be afforded significant weight in the planning balance. Although the Committee recognised there were some benefits to the relatively small level of additional market housing being provided in the village this should be afforded only moderate weight. In this respect the Committee were aware from the Officer report that there wasn’t a demonstrable need for market housing in the village, and that housing land supply in the Northern Test Valley housing market area was currently significantly above that required by Government. In overall terms the social, health and amenity value associated with existing allotment sites in settlements far exceeded any general benefit to housing delivery that might otherwise arise from this proposal. 




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