Committee attendance

These figures only show any Councillors attendance at that Committee not just those Councillors who are on that Committee. For details of meetings that a Councillor is a member of please look at the Councillors individual attendance. This also does not include Councillors other Council duties.

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Southern Area Planning Committee, 22 meetings
Member Attendances
Councillor Sally Yalden 1
Councillor Nick Adams-King 1
Councillor Philip Bundy 19
Councillor Gordon Bailey MBE 17
Councillor Mark Cooper 21
Councillor Alan Dowden 19
Councillor Celia Dowden 16
Councillor Martin Hatley 3
Councillor Ian Jeffrey 18
Councillor Alison Johnston 14
Councillor Tony Ward 2
Councillor Tony Burley 1
Councillor Alan Warnes 19
Councillor John Parker 22
Councillor Janet Burnage 18
Councillor Neil Gwynne 1
Councillor Nik Daas 1
Councillor Sandra Gidley 22
Councillor Mike Maltby 9
Councillor Terese Swain 2
Councillor Geoff Cooper 1
Councillor Rohit Kohli 1
Councillor Amanda Ford 4
Councillor Karen Dunleavey 7