Committee attendance

These figures only show any Councillors attendance at that Committee not just those Councillors who are on that Committee. For details of meetings that a Councillor is a member of please look at the Councillors individual attendance. This also does not include Councillors other Council duties.

Choose date range below to show attendance between those dates.

Council, 7 meetings
Member Attendances
Councillor Maureen Flood 7
Councillor Nick Adams-King 6
Councillor David Drew 7
Councillor Philip Bundy 6
Councillor Philip North 7
Councillor Gordon Bailey MBE 7
Councillor Iris Anita Andersen 7
Councillor Dorothy Baverstock 5
Councillor Carl Borg-Neal 7
Councillor Mark Cooper 7
Councillor Zilliah Brooks 7
Councillor Alan Dowden 7
Councillor Celia Dowden 6
Councillor Karen Hamilton 6
Councillor Martin Hatley 7
Councillor Ian Jeffrey 7
Councillor Alison Johnston 6
Councillor Philip Lashbrook 6
Councillor Tracey Tasker 6
Councillor Tony Ward 7
Councillor Christopher Thom 7
Councillor Chris Donnelly 6
Councillor Nick Lodge 7
Councillor Tony Burley 7
Councillor Nick Matthews 7
Councillor Kirsty North 7
Councillor Victoria Harber 6
Councillor Simon Cross 0
Councillor Dr Alan Warnes 6
Councillor John Parker 7
Councillor Janet Burnage 7
Councillor Neil Gwynne 5
Councillor Nik Daas 4
Councillor Sandra Gidley 5
Councillor Linda Lashbrook 6
Councillor David Coole 5
Councillor Rebecca Meyer 6
Councillor Richard Rowles 5
Councillor Christopher Ecclestone 7
Councillor Mike Maltby 3
Councillor Jan Budzynski 3
Councillor Terese Swain 2
Councillor Jim Neal JP 2
Southern Area Planning Committee, 15 meetings
Member Attendances
Councillor Nick Adams-King 7
Councillor Philip Bundy 14
Councillor Gordon Bailey MBE 14
Councillor Mark Cooper 15
Councillor Alan Dowden 13
Councillor Celia Dowden 14
Councillor Martin Hatley 13
Councillor Ian Jeffrey 9
Councillor Alison Johnston 8
Councillor Tony Ward 13
Councillor Christopher Thom 7
Councillor Tony Burley 7
Councillor Dr Alan Warnes 13
Councillor John Parker 15
Councillor Janet Burnage 15
Councillor Neil Gwynne 7
Councillor Sandra Gidley 7
Councillor Mike Maltby 6
Councillor Terese Swain 1