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Climate Emergency Action Plan Update

Meeting: 11/10/2023 - Overview and Scrutiny Committee (Item 243)

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To provide an update on the implementation of the Climate Emergency Action Plan (2020) and related projects that have been identified subsequently.

(45 minutes)

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Consideration was given to a report of the Head of Planning Policy and Economic Development which gave an update on the delivery of the Climate Emergency Action Plan. This followed on from the previous report to the Committee in April 2023.

The Principal Planning Officer (Environment) noted that since the last report, the Council’s Corporate Plan for the period 2023-27 (A Place for Everyone – Supporting our communities to thrive) was approved by Council in April 2023.


The Council had five electric vehicles on order, three of which have now been received. The tendering process had commenced for the Test Valley Rural Net Zero Business Service. An update was provided on the number of public electric vehicle charging points in the Borough, based on a national dataset, along with usage figures for the charging points in some of the Council’s car parks in Romsey and Andover. The latest data on greenhouse gas emissions for the Borough of Test Valley was shared.


The Portfolio Holder for Climate Emergency, Councillor Johnston advised the Committee that the Climate Emergency Action Plan was being refreshed.  A report will go to Cabinet in November to set up a cross party member group to look at the priorities and way forward.  It is anticipated that the CEAP will be refreshed by the end of the financial year.  The CEAP is intended to include SMART actions.


The Committee discussed the following;


·  Cost of solar panels

·  Disposal of solar panels

·  Sustainability of listed buildings

·  Electric vehicle charging infrastructure in the town centre car parks

·  CEAP milestones and progress measurement

·  Heat pumps

·  Biodiversity and tree planting

·  Details of the cross party working group


That the update and progress on the implementation of the Climate Emergency Action Plan be noted.