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Presentation on local policing

Meeting: 11/10/2023 - Overview and Scrutiny Committee (Item 241)

Presentation on local policing

Presentation on local policing by Chief Inspector Hayley O’Grady (60 minutes)



Chief Inspector Hayley O’Grady supported by Inspector Paul Holmes gave an overview of what has been happening over the last 6 months.  She explained that there is a new Chief Constable whose top three priorities are the relentless pursuit of criminals, exceptional local policing and putting victims first.


There is a new geographical area model covering Isle of Wight, East of the County, West of the County and North of the County and the Area Commander is Paul Savey who is responsible for response, neighbourhoods and CID.


There has been a restructure of the Neighbourhood Policing Team which will be split into 7 aeras and will include a named officer in each of the neighbourhoods who will work to improve community engagement, problem solving and to understand communities better.  Once the neighbourhoods have been set up Chief Inspector O’Grady will circulate a map and named officer for each area.


Chief Inspector Hayley O’Grady as Test Valley District Commander explained that the current District priorities are; Anti Social Behaviour, Rural non dwelling burglary and Drug related harm.  Priorities are reviewed every month.


Plans for the District include Operating Relentless, weekly pro active operations, violence against women and girls and domestic abuse, County Lines, drug related harm, anti social behaviour, rural crime and shoplifting.


Chief Inspector O’Grady explained about Community Partnership Intelligence working with partners to improve intelligence in the community.  Intelligence can only be reported by a partner agency however communities can log intelligence through Crime Stoppers or online. 


In the future the Police hope to have better engagement with head teachers, improving crime reporting around acquisitive crime and a better focus on rural crime.


Members of the Committee discussed the following;


·  Community Intelligence

·  Crime Justice Department

·  Section 60

·  Drones

·  Robust system for recruiting and complaints


The Chairman thanked Chief Inspector O’Grady for her presentation.