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Covid-19 Recovery and Resiliance Update

Meeting: 02/06/2021 - Overview and Scrutiny Committee (Item 34)

Covid-19 Recovery Update

To receive a verbal update on the work being undertaken as part of Covid-19 Recovery (20 minutes)


The Head of Strategy and Innovation updated members on the Covid-19 recovery.  He explained that the data for Test Valley shows and total cases were up 11 cases for the 14 days to June 1.  People vaccinated in Test Valley during the 4 months to 1 June were 81,471 (76%) first dose and 52,015 (48.5%) second dose.


The Government’s roadmap to unlocking was in 4 steps and currently the UK is on step 3 with step 4 scheduled from 21 June.


The recovery plan priorities are;


·  Town Centres

·  Re-opening public spaces

·  Community Recovery

·  Economic Recovery

·  Wellbeing and mental health

·  New ways of working


Members discussed the following;


·  Learning to live with Covid.

·  Funding for recovery.

·  Impact on community organisations.  The Head of Strategy and Innovation will compile some data on the closure of volunteer organisations and those having difficulty restarting.


The Chairman thanked the Head of Strategy and Innovation for his interesting presentation.