Agenda and minutes

Overview and Scrutiny Committee - Wednesday 20 March 2019 5.30 pm

Venue: The Annexe, Crosfield Hall, Broadwater Road, Romsey, Hampshire, SO51 8GL

Contact: Caroline Lovelock - 01264 368014  Email:

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That the minutes of the meeting held on 20 February 2019 be confirmed and signed as a correct record.



Updates on Panels

Lead Members to update the Committee on the progress of their Panels (10 mins)


Parking Panel – The Panel’s final report would be considered at this meeting.


Audit Panel – An Audit Panel was held on Monday 11 March where they discussed the Internal Audit progress Report 2018/19 and Draft Internal Audit Plan for 2019/20, the Draft Annual Governance Statement 2018/19, the External Audit Plan and Grant Claims and Returns Certification Report 2017-18. 


Budget Panel - The next Budget Panel would be held on 27 June 2019.


The Future of Hospitals in Andover and Romsey – Councillor Baverstock reported that the Panel had met to discuss the scope of the Panel and a further meeting had been arranged.  A scope would be presented to the Committee in due course.

The Future of the High Street – Councillor Hurst reported that a very successful workshop had been held on 5 March 2019 and the Panel’s final report would be considered by the Committee on 24 April 2019.

Armed Forces Covenant and Test Valley Housing Services Councillor Borg Neal reported that he was liaising with relevant organisations and would commence the Panel following the Borough Elections in May 2019.



Opportunities for Funding Drug Prevention Education Programmes pdf icon PDF 128 KB

To report back on ‘Opportunities for funding drug prevention education programmes (20 minutes)

Additional documents:


At the OSCOM meeting on17 October 2018, the Community Development Manager (on behalf of the Test Valley Partnership), was tasked to explore ‘Opportunities for funding drug prevention education programmes’. 

The report explained that schools currently operated a wide range of drug prevention education provision and specific and generic funding opportunities existed for additional drug prevention and education services where required.  Information on further opportunities for funding and support to be provided to schools via the Community Safety Management Group made up of TVBC, Police, Fire, CCG (NHS), Probation; Neighbourhood Watch, Street Pastors, Housing Associations, Police and Crime Panel, and town centre manger, plus others on an ad hoc or per issues basis.

Members discussed the following:

·  Engagement with schools

·  Health element

·  Councillor community grants being used for outreach work

·  Partnership approach in tackling homelessness and drug misuse.

Overall, there was an extensive drugs education programme developed within schools locally, which reflected the needs of their pupils. There was also a diverse range of potential funding streams locally and nationally to support education and intervention projects.

There remained a need for continued partner engagement as circumstances and issues changed; and to access relevant information and potential funding to address these. The Test Valley Partnership, though the Community Safety Management Group, had committed to support schools with information, advice and in access to funding, alongside projects such as ‘ICE’, to ensure ongoing relevant information on issues and options was maintained.




That the good work being carried out by the Community Safety Management Group be endorsed and that a further report be brought back in 6 months time on the work being undertaken beyond that in schools.



Corporate Plan 2019-2023 pdf icon PDF 205 KB

To consider the draft proposed Corporate Plan for 2019-2023 (20 minutes)

Additional documents:


The Leader advised Members that the Council’s current Corporate Plan “Investing in Test Valley” was approved in 2015 and adopted for a four year period, to April 2019.

A new draft proposed Corporate Plan had been developed for the next four years, 2019-2023 and outlined the Council’s priorities for Test Valley for the four year cycle of the newly elected Council. The Corporate Plan provided a focus for the services provided by the Council, informing decisions and the allocation of resources.  The proposed strategic priorities for the new Corporate Plan had been developed with the ethos of ‘Growing Our Potential’.  The strategic priorities were therefore entitled:

Growing the potential of…

·  Town Centres to adapt and be attractive, vibrant and prosperous places

·  Communities to be empowered, connected and able to build upon their strengths

·  People to be able to live well and fulfil their aspirations

·  The Local Environment for current and future generations


The plan had been developed using a robust evidence base, taking into account the views of local residents, external influences and statistical bases.




That the draft proposed Corporate Plan for 2019-2023 be supported and endorsed ahead of its onward submission to Council.



Report of the Task and Finish panel - Car Parking pdf icon PDF 228 KB

To consider the outcome of the review into car parking (20 minutes)

Additional documents:


Consideration was given to a report of the Lead Member of the Parking (Car Park and Streets) Panel which had reviewed the issues of residential parking; public car vision, standards, location and enforcement.  The Panel recommended several actions with the intention of improving the car parking provision on residential schemes and for residents and visitors to Andover and Romsey, in the future.  The report also identified topics which the Panel considered to be potential areas for future reviews.


The Committee were keen that the recommendations were passed on to Cabinet for their endorsement.




1.  That the parking standards and minimum dimensions of spaces currently set out in the adopted Revised Local Plan (2016) be reviewed as part of the next local plan review.


2.  That the next local plan review consider what practical steps could be taken to influence the design and layout of future parking within residential schemes.


3.  That the Council write to Government to highlight the issue of large commercial vehicles parking in residential areas and request steps are taken to enforce possible restrictions.



Work Programme Report pdf icon PDF 117 KB

To enable Members to keep the Committee’s future work programme under review (15 minutes)

Additional documents:


Members discussed the timings of their round table discussions and the start of the Committee meeting.  It was suggested that this be discussed again at the next OSCOM meeting in April.


The Committee considered and updated the Work Programme as follows:


·  Add Report back on Drug Intervention Services in Test Valley – 18 September 2019.




That the future work programme be approved.