Agenda item

Appointments to Committees and Outside Bodies and dates and times of meetings of the Council

To appoint the membership of the Committees of the Council, representatives to Outside Bodies and to approve the dates and times of ordinary meetings of the Council for the Civic Year 2023/24.


The Mayor reported that there had been no notice by a group of members wishing to be treated as a political group in accordance with the Local Government and Housing Act 1989. The Mayor confirmed that seats allocated to committees reflected the political balance of the Council and proportionality.




That appointments be made to the following positions:


1.  Committees:

Audit Committee (6)

Councillor Borg-Neal (Chairman), Councillor Hasselmann (Vice Chairman) and Councillors Hughes, Jeffrey, Kohli and Leech.

General Purposes Committee (11)

Councillor K North (Chairman), Councillor MacDonald (Vice Chairman) and Councillors Adams-King, K Brooks, Z Brooks, Burnage, A Dowden, C Dowden, Flood, P North and Yalden.

Licensing Committee (15)

Councillor Donnelly (Chairman), Councillor L Lashbrook, (Vice-Chairman) and Councillors Andersen, Budzynski, Cattell, G Cooper, Daas, Drew, Dunleavey, Ford, Gwynne, Kohli, P Lashbrook, Matthews and Swain.

Overview and Scrutiny Committee (18)

Councillors Bailey, Borg-Neal, K Brooks, Cattell, Gidley, Gillies, Gregori, Gwynne, Hasselmann, Hughes, Jeffrey, Leech, Matthews, MacDonald, Neal, Parker, Warnes and Yalden.

Northern Area Planning Committee (13)

Councillor Budzynski (Chairman), Councillor Z Brooks, (Vice-Chairman) and Councillors Andersen, Borg-Neal, Donnelly, Gillies, Gregori, L Lashbrook, P Lashbrook, Lodge, Neal, K North and Sangster.


Southern Area Planning Committee (13)

Councillor M Cooper (Chairman), Councillor A Dowden, (Vice-Chairman) and Councillors Bailey, Bundy, Burnage, C Dowden, Dunleavey, Ford, Gidley, Jeffrey, Johnston, Parker and Warnes.



2.  To select representatives to sit on various Committees and Outside Bodies for a further period of one year or for the period specified:


a)  Local Organisations and Charities


Andover Town Football Club Board

To support and enhance sports curriculum & football academy based in Andover

Alderman Carr


John Hanson Foundation Trust

A charitable trust providing prizes for students based in Andover

Councillors Z Brooks, Leech and Neal


Miss Gale’s Educational Foundation

Financial support for families with children educated in Andover (and surrounding area)

Councillor Andersen


Test Valley Arts Foundation

To support and encourage arts and culture across the Borough

Councillor Z Brooks


Test Valley Citizens Advice Bureau Management Committee

Provision of free advice to all across the Borough

Councillor Gidley


Tourism South East

To support the performance and growth of tourism across the Borough

Councillor Johnston


b)  Local Authority Co-operation


Hampshire & Isle of Wight Local Government Association

Regional forum

The Chief Executive together with Councillors P North and Flood


Hampshire and IOW Police and Crime Panel

Statutory Joint Committee

Councillor P Lashbrook


Local Government Association General Assembly

Local Government Forum

Councillor P North


New Forest Consultative Panel

Consultative Forum for New Forest National Park

Councillor Bailey


New Forest National Park Authority

Management of National Park

Councillor Bailey


North Wessex Downs AONB Management Committee

To conserve and enhance the natural beauty of the area based in the north of Test Valley

Councillor P North



Project Integra Management Board

Waste management partnership

(1)  Councillor Drew

(2)  Deputy: Councillor P North


PfSH (Partnership for South Hampshire) Overview and Scrutiny Committee

Provides an Overview and Scrutiny function for PfSH

(1)  Councillor Gwynne

(2)  Deputy: Councillor M Cooper


South East Employers

To provide training, consultancy and employment support

(1)   Councillor Flood

(2)   Deputy: Councillor Lodge



c)  Liaison Panels


Yokesford Liaison Panel (Ampfield & Braishfield Ward)

Information exchange and discussion

Councillor Yalden


Roke Manor Liaison Panel (Blackwater Ward)

Information exchange and discussion

Councillor Adams-King


Lee Lane Liaison Panel (Chilworth Nursling & Rownhams Ward)

Information exchange and discussion

Councillors Bundy, Dunleavey and Swain


A303 Facility at Longparish Liaison Panel

Information exchange and discussion

Councillor Drew



3.  Dates and Times of Meetings of the Council:






21 June 2023

5:30 pm


13 September 2023

5:30 pm


25 October 2023

5:30 pm


17 January 2024

5:30 pm


29 February 2024

5:30 pm


17 April 2024

5:30 pm


8 May 2024

5:30 pm


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