Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Approach to developing the new Corporate Plan Round Table Discussion24/11/2021For Determination02/2022
Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults24/11/2021For Determination17/05/2022
Risk Management24/11/2021For Determination29/06/2022
Review of the trial of the revised approach towards portfolio holder scrutiny23/11/2021For Determination19/01/2022
Chairman's Draft Annual Report26/10/2021For Determination07/04/2022
Corporate Action Plan Annual Review26/10/2021For Determination07/04/2022
Climate Emergency Action Plan26/10/2021For Determination03/03/2022
Budget Update from Budget Panel26/10/2021For Determination19/01/2022
The impact of the Environment Bill and waste collection in Test Valley17/08/2021For Determination
Funding infrastructure within communities17/08/2021For Determination